Christian Fellowship Chorale

Cynthia Branum **
Patricia Cooley **
Sonia Corona *
Melba Givens **
Rhoda Hollingquest **
Estelita Jernigan*
Mary Neal
Debra Parson**
Dovema Franklin*
LaShawn Chester
Marie James**  
Roxanne Robinson**
Teresa Favors
Wanda Burrus**
Natasha Campbell**
Lamaud Franklin-legacy
Paul Gillis**
Rochelle Jackson**
Michelle Warren**
Anita Stuckey
Philemon Hardy
Andre Montgomery
Mark Kitchen

The Christian Fellowship Chorale (CFC) was founded by Timothy Williams on February 13, 2010. Through the unique gifts and talents of its members, CFC strives to obtain music excellence that represents Christ and Christians in a manner that sends empowering and uplifting messages to both the saved and unsaved listeners.

CFC has earned a reputation as one of the finest gospel choirs throughout Southern California. Their distinctive performances are characterized by their trademark of artistic sophistication and precisely executed blend of classical, jazz, R & B, and other musical styles including, of course, contemporary and traditional gospel.

CFC members have provided missionary services, and have performed locally and abroad. Currently, there are more than 30 Chorale members from various local church denominations including Baptist, Church of God in Christ, Catholic and Pentecostal who consistently rehearse tirelessly in an effort to display professional profound musical abilities and a great sound. Since being organized, their performances have left audience attendees hungry for more.

In addition to the numerous appearances made by CFC throughout southern California, in March of 2011, Christian Fellowship Chorale performed an Easter stage play production entitled “The Crucifixion”, which was written, produced and directed by Timothy Williams and Nancy Brown. The Crucifixion production performance is a true depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ, told with choral music in a dramatic form. The Crucifixion through its success has rapidly become known throughout the Christian Community as the annual event to start Holy Week. The most common audience review is “I felt like I was there when Christ died.”

In addition to the Easter stage play, is the Christian Fellowship Chorale (CFC) yearly Christmas Concert celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Concert became such a huge success, that it resulted in a Christmas Tour with concert dates in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Carson, Inglewood and the Inland Empire.

CFC continues to be on the cutting edge of the gospel industry bringing their unique presentation of music to the world’s stage.