Timothy Williams


Born on April 26, 1967 in Southern California, Timothy Williams was an only child born to Elmer and Lucille Williams. As an off-spring of a church musician with a love for gospel music, Timothy’s musical abilities was a gift from God above, which span from the foundation of his mother’s countless hours of piano playing at church mission meetings and choir rehearsals while carrying him in the womb.

Early Childhood
At the age of 6, Timothy’s mom enrolled him in Hills Conservatory School of Music to study piano under the instruction of Evelyn Hill who was always amazed at how quickly he internalized and processed what she’d taught him. The curriculum for Timothy was later expanded to include choral conducting and voice lessons. Timothy continued to study under Mrs. Hill until her health failed, after which time he studied under Barbara Shelvin Moore, an accomplished classical pianist.

At age 11, Timothy began his career as a pianist for Holy Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Compton California, earning $50 per month. Timothy’s first event was the Christmas program where his job consisted of playing traditional Christmas Chorals under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Brown. During program preparations, Mrs. Brown took special interest in Timothy and began mentoring and nurturing his gift beyond reading music by introducing him to gospel music.

By age 13, Timothy was the full-time pianist at Holy Chapel MBC. His assignment as a pianist also included the tasks as choral conductor for the William Cobb Memorial Choir, Holy Chapel Senior Choir, Youth Inspirational Choir and The Holy Chapel Men Chorus where he served two separate terms totaling 18 years of service. During his tenure, his relationship with the Lord began to intensify immensely. Timothy learned of God’s unconditional love, grace, mercy and forgiveness under the tutelage of Harvey and Florence Jones, Gwen Irby, and Theola Nichols. Through these teachings during bible study, he adopted Psalms 139 as his favorite scripture. His message was no longer melodic; it became his way of life.

During his childhood musical education Timothy became a master at reading music, but didn’t quite get the concept of playing by ear. However, through many accomplished musicians and singers such as Jesse & Nancy Brown, Thelma Cobbs, Jewel Cobbs-Willams, Teresa Smith, Frankie Cole, Preston Sterling, Robert Gilmore, Rochelle Jackson and Anita Blankenship-Stuckey, all of whom were clearly a disbursement of angels from God, he was able to develop an unusual innovative style that is loved by many to this day.

Timothy’s unique early age journey also afforded him countless opportunities. He’s shared stages and attended and facilitated many workshops with a number of noted gospel pioneers including headliners such as James Cleveland, Edwin Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Daryl Coley, B. J. Fears, Michael Harris, and Margret Deroux among many other gospel musicians. His vast knowledge and unique musical gift has proven its ability to stand alone and among the best.

Young Adulthood
As a young adult, Timothy taught music in the Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Compton Unified School Districts and served as an accompanist for the University of Southern California Irvine, under the direction of the late John Sims. He’s also accompanied numerous Choirs and artist across the country playing various types of music including, but not limited to R&B, Jazz and Gospel alike.

In February 1995 Timothy was hired as minister of music at First Lutheran Church of Carson in Carson California. After hearing Timothy’s unique style, compassion and love for music, he was commissioned by Pastor Raymond LeBlanc to develop a music department that could minister from “Bach to Boogie.” The mission was accomplished within 5 years. Timothy’s eminent style earned him an accreditation for the notoriety of this music department throughout the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

Community Contributions
Over the years, Timothy has always found himself mentoring and advocating for teenagers. To date, he has made a musical and/or spiritual impact on the lives of hundreds of individuals, which he refers to as “Tim’s kids”, whom are all now productive adults. In many cases he is still very much a part of their lives and have commenced to mentoring their children, which has resulted in his role as “Musical Grand Dad.”

Timothy has toured across the United States with various choirs with as many as 80+ members. In January 1991, Timothy was hired by a group of employees of the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services South Family District 31 to conduct a choir of selected individuals. What was initially intended to be a yearly black history engagement for a group of employees within a Department, resulted in a continual existence that later became an independent choir called the Los Angeles County Christian Ensemble (LACCE) with membership open to people throughout the county of Los Angeles.

Timothy faithfully served as musical director over LACCE for 16 years. As director of LACCE, he produced many musical concerts that were performed at renowned venues such as Patriotic Hall, the Masonic Temple, Gordon University of Georgia, etc. LACCE was also performers and members of the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

While serving as the Director of LACCE, it was through this dynamic group of singers that Timothy’s love for mission work was born as he lead the group in many community mission-like endeavors such as feeding the homeless, singing at various convalescent facilities and facilities for mentally challenged individuals, etc. This was the beginning of his desire to utilize his God given gift to bring hope to the hopeless, comfort to the lonely, strength to the weak and emotional healing to the sick through sharing God’s love..

By the leading of the Holy Spirit, Timothy resigned from LACCE. in December 11, 2009. Upon his resignation, he was inspired to organize a group of talented singers and musicians who shared the same passion for people and music as he did. Out of this inspiration, a group of professional/experienced singers came about who are currently known as the Christian Fellowship Chorale (CFC). This group was formed with a strong desire to share the love of God and spread His good news to the world, with a unique sound Currently, there are approximately 30 Chorale members.

Making His Mark
Christian Fellowship Chorale (CFC) consistently rehearses tirelessly in an effort to display professional profound musical abilities and produce a great sound that is pleasing to the focal point of the director. Since organizing as a new choir, CFC has made many public appearances that have truly ministered to all who were in attendance, leaving them hungry for more. In March of 2011, Christian Fellowship Chorale performed an Easter stage play production entitled “The Crucifixion”, which was written, produced and directed by Timothy and Nancy Brown (whom he affectionately calls Mom). The stage support and cast was a combination of Timothy’s family and friends that he acquired through his developmental years, all of whom he collectively refers to as his “first complete circle.”

The Crucifixion production performance is a true depiction of the Crucifixion of Christ, told with choral music in a dramatic form. The musical repertoire is comprised of many songs that have followed Timothy throughout his career. None of which are original; however, all were re-arranged by Timothy to produce the required sound to accommodate the flare and dramatization of the production. The Crucifixion through its success has rapidly become known throughout the Christian Community as the annual event to start Holy Week. The most common audience review is “I felt like I was there when Christ died.”

In addition to the Easter stage play, Timothy felt led to do a Christmas Concert to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Concert became a huge success and resulted in a Christmas Tour with concerts in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Carson, Inglewood and the Inland Empire.

Timothy also produced and co-wrote with Marlo Wyatt, the stage musical production’s “Our Music, Our Spirit, Our God” and “Living the Dream”. These productions had a major impact on the Carson community and all who attended. The impact was so colossal, that there were a significant number of requests for encore performances, which are still being made to date.

In 2011 Timothy made the decision to follow his dreams of having his own school of the arts. Soon after deciding to pursue his vision of having a conservatory, a group of teenagers boldly approached him requesting that he teach them music. At their request and persistence, Timothy organized and directed a Music and Arts Summer Camp, which was hosted by the First Lutheran Church of Carson and supported by Timothy’s family and friends.

As a result of the camp, Timothy’s dream became a reality. On July 17, 2012, Rapha Music L.L.C. (Rapha Music) was born. Timothy is currently using Rapha Music as a pipeline to deliver music education to various communities in southern California and throughout the world.

Rapha Music was established with a goal, which is to sharpen skill-sets and nurture gifts that will create an Authentic Musical Expression. Timothy is known for taking inexperienced musicians and producing good quality music. He’s also known for his ability to customize, interpret and produce music that connects to emotions as well as satisfying the taste for excellence.

Timothy the Musician
Timothy enjoys many types of artistry expressions as he is an avid fan of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. He can often be heard saying: “When I hear the music and see the movement of the dancers I am inspired beyond my ability to articulate or convey the effects and impact its made in my life.”

When he’s not creating music, he loves to cook, entertain, travel, play pool, take long bike rides along the beach with family and friends or he can be found dinning at some of the finest restaurants with family and friends or alone. Timothy’s favorite past time is spoiling children and mentoring teens.

Timothy’s years of experience and the early educational directives he received were the attributing factors for his emotions felt during performances and for the authenticity of music professionals he admires. As a result, he currently strives to perfect his gift by pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Music at Long Beach City College with hopes of transfer to CSULB in the near future.

While continuing his education in pursuing a degree in music, one class at a time, one miracle at a time, Timothy also continues to develop Rapha Music with a promise to serve a music community who desires to combine education with natural abilities.

Timothy’s motto is “to be who he is, see what he has, and use it to do what matters to God!”